Über die Gefahren des Pastorendienstes

Tim Keller schreibt in einem Beitrag, dass der Pastorendienst die Versuchung birgt, stolz und eingebildet zu werden. Es ist nicht nur theologisches Wissen, dass zur Arroganz führen kann. Nein, wir stehen auch in der Gefahr uns selbst etwas über unsere Gottesbeziehung vorzumachen. Keller erklärt:

„When you speak to people about God, you have two options: commune with God or act like you commune with God. Since the minister’s job is to tell people how great God is and how wonderful the Christian life can be, his life needs to reflect it. So you either have to be close to God as you minister or you have to act close to God. Either you truly learn how to commune with God or you learn how to fake it. You talk as if you’re a lot closer to God than you actually are. And not only do people start to think that, but you start to think it, too. (…)

But here’s where hypocrisy starts. Ministry is either going to make you a far better Christian or a far worse Christian than you would have been otherwise. It’s going to make you a hard pharisaical hypocrite or it’s going to turn you into a softer, more tender person because it forces you to go to the throne of grace and to beg the Lord for help in your weakness. The ministry will either drive you to him or drive you away from him.“

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